Things to do near Deerfield Beach

Palm Beach 
There is a manmade island in the Port of Palm Beach with many fun activities like swimming, snorkeling, camping & a bunker used by JFK. It’s called Peanut Island Park, located in the heart of the Lake Worth Lagoon!
This unique eighty acre tropical park is situated in the Intracoastal Waterway near the Lake Worth Inlet in close proximity to Phil Foster Park, the City of Riviera Beach, and the Port of Palm Beach.
The park is a favorite destination for boaters and provides numerous recreational opportunities for visitors. Fishing and snorkeling are popular activities in the beautiful clear waters that surround the island. Guarded and Unguarded Swimming Beaches provide the perfect access for bathers of all ages to enjoy the sun and fun. For visitors looking for an overnight experience, a seventeen-site Campground is available for tent campers by reservation as well as limited Natural Areas Beach Camping in designated areas.

No visit to Peanut Island is complete without taking a casual stroll on the paver pathways which wind around the perimeter of the Island. A truly unique place, Peanut Island Park has something to offer everyone!

Delray Beach 
Delray Beach began to be developed in 1876 when the Orange Grove House of Refuge was built. In 1884 it began to be settled, but it wasn’t until 1901 that it became known as Delray, named after “Del Ray‘, a Spanish term meaning ‘of the King’. In 1911 the area was incorporated as a town.

Great Dining
Deck 84 is a very popular restaurant in Delray that you can get to by boat. Check out their website here.


Boca Raton
According to local legend, the “laguna de boca ratones”, or “Boca de Ratones” was used during the early period of Florida history as a haven for pirates and other undesirables. One tale often told was that Blackbeard regularly anchored in Lake Boca Raton between raids on merchant ships. Some said Blackbeard buried his treasure in the sands of Boca Raton and his ghost, sometimes taking the form of a sea gull, guarded the treasure under a large gumbo limbo tree which once stood south of the inlet. As intriguing as the stories sound, proof to back up the legends does not exist.
The literal meaning of Boca is “mouth” in Spanish, and it is often used to describe the mouth of a river or ocean inlet. Rata means “rat”; while raton means mouse.” That’s where the well-known interpretation of rat’s mouth comes from, but, as you can see, it might also be mouse’s mouth. Neither carries much clout today.

South Inlet Park

This park in Boca Raton has many activities and amenities for a fun day on the water.

Getting Hungry?
Visit some of the restaurants on the water in this area, like  the Waterstone Rum Bar & Grill or Boca Landing

Spanish River Park
Spanish River Park takes its name from the shallow fresh water stream, which once flowed along what is now the western edge of the park. Spanish River Park is 94.4 acres in size.
Fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway is one of the favorite pastimes of many park visitors. A fishing license is required for saltwater fishing from the shoreline. Surf fishing in designated swimming areas during normal swimming hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) is prohibited.
Deerfield Beach
Deerfield Beach has no inlet to the ocean,  however there is great Scuba Diving and Snorkeling off Deerfield Beach. Most divers & snorkelers travel to Pompano Beach to access Deerfield Beach dive sites from the Hillsboro Inlet. Deerfield Beach is home to the famous wreck dive of the Ancient Mariner. When diving Deerfield Beach another popular dive site is Seperated Rocks. This reef is a series of coral islands with two angel statues commemorating fallen divers.
For casual waterfront dining, check out 2 George’s at The Cove located on the Intracoastal Waterway